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Frederikshavn Municipality, Skagen, DK // June 2010


The project consists of three inspirational events of which this is the third and last one. The event itself is part of the “Viva Parkuwai” project as a whole, and the goal was to inspire the municipal Park and Road workers of the cities of Frederikshavn, Sæby and Skagen to turn things upside down and work together across unit borders. The participants in the Skagen event achieved immediate contentment and satisfaction by carrying out such a task together.


Place // Time
Frederikshavn Municipality, Frederikshavn, DK // June 2010


Friday May 21st Frederikshavn received their very own “Pocket Park”. In no time the small area behind the walls at DSB (the Danish National Railway station) was transformed into a miniature park – a small place to breathe and relax in the middle of the city. The idea was to work together to make a minipark – a place where people would want to spend time – but only use a limited amount of time, materials and effort in the process.


Place // Time
Frederikshavn Municipality, Sæby, DK // May 2010


Friday May 28th Sæby got a brand new hearth. In one single morning, the area between the rowing club and the ocean was transformed into “Sæby new hearth”. There used to be a hearth on the spot, so it was obvious to renew the area and add some extraordinary furniture – a huge bench and a gigantic chair.

May  -  June 2010