Beetle benches at Grønningen

During the summer of 2019 Bureau Detours build 30 “beetle-benches” with locals at Grønningen in Copenhagen Nordvest. The benches were later set free in the park for people to use as they pleased. The benches were equipped with a GPS tracker, that everyday send us data about their exact location. During the three weeks that we collected data, the benches had been moved around in the park by locals and visitors. This information gave us a better understanding of how people used the green space and where they preferred to sit.  


Bureau Detours used the data to draw a huge mapping-chart inspired painting with a line marking machine at Grønningen, so the data would be visible for the locals to walk around in and see from their apartments. The information was also passed on to Områdefornyelse Nordvest and the architects planning the further development of the park.  

May  -  September 2019

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Drone pictures: Rune Birkvad