DENNIS Design Center – Akut Design

DENNIS created a pop-up design-emergency room for Intensivdagarna – Sweden’s largest conference and prime meeting place for professionals working with the exhibition medium. The conference took place in the premises of the Swedish Exhibition Agency on the island of Gotland in December 2012.


Bureau Detours created a service where the visitors could receive a no-strings-attached health check and intensive care plan. Before making an individual design-diagnosis and start a treatment, we kindly asked visitors to answer a few questions in a self-diagnosis formulae.

“If you suspect you have an urgent design problem, please contact DENNIS Design Center ASAP ! ! !”
“That belongs in a museum – do you? Please contact DENNIS Design Center ASAP! ! !”


From the office / workshop we treated visitors with new design-diagnosis each day, focusing on a specific needs: “White cube syndrome”, the urge to “tinker” with art, teaching cultural first aid – like the D.E.Y. (Do Exotic Yourself) method – and basic anarchy for everyday use.

December 2012

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