DENNIS Design Center – Basel

Bureau Detours loves challenging public spaces, but this time DENNIS was about engaging the public to improve their local neighborhoods.


During Basel Art Week 2012 the DENNIS crew built a factory and office inside Gallerie Karin Sutter (Basel, Switzerland). We lured passers-by in to the gallery with colorful lights, hand-painted signs and the sound and smell of freshly cut wood. Once inside, guests observed the DENNIS furnitures stacked floor-to-ceiling and were invited to talk about public space.


Then guests were encouraged to take a piece of furniture and use it to furnish a public space. We created an army of DENNIS Knights who took off from the gallery armed with stools, tables and new ideas. Guests received knighthood when they had e-mailed documentation of the furniture placement and sent it to us. During the week 130 furnitures were sent off to public places all over Switzerland and Europe.


See photos from the project and the new urban space furniture here:



June 2012
Bureau Detours la Familia

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