DENNIS Design Center – Milan

For Milan Design Week 2012, Bureau Detours put together a diverse group of designers, architects and craftsmen to pump new ideas into the streets of Milan, inspired by the local population and neighborhood.


At the small outdoor fair stand, Bureau Detours produced and tested fresh furnitures by giving them away to interested fair-goers and locals.

From the workshop a new design was developed each day, focusing on a specific need, for example: Bench Press, furniture for the press (those extra 10cm for snapping off the perfect picture); Sidewalk chair, a chair made for the high curbs of Milan; and Social Ladder, a tool for urban exploration (use one for peeking over a wall, stack two and go anywhere!)


Instead of selling a product, DENNIS wanted to inspire guests: showing how design can be generated, shaped and communicated in new ways. DENNIS caused quite a stir at Milan Design Week and recieved enhusiastic reviews from visitors, professionals and locals alike.


Please go to DENNIS Design Centers specific website for Milan, for an indepth view of the process:


April 2012
Kåre Viemose & Bureau Detours la Familia

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