For the exhibition “Nordic Models + Common Ground” at Scandinavia House in New York, Bureau Detours designed and built a custom piece; “E.L.E.F.E.U”, which roughly translates to “Electric Ivy”.
Made up of a massive solid oak totem, brass pipes, lights and wires we delivered the heaviest piece in the exhibition!

“Nordic Models + Common Ground” explored how open artistic and cultural exchange facilitates innovation in art and design. Curated by the internationally renowned architectural company Snøhetta, the exhibition offered a fresh look at art and design in the Nordic countries. Presented in conjunction with the tenth anniversary of Scandinavia House and the centennial year of The American-Scandinavian Foundation, the exhibition presented the works of more than 35 Nordic designers and artists, ranging from emerging talents to established names.

October 2010  -  May 2024

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