During September 2016 Bureau Detours cooperated with a group of teachers and teacher students – together we formed a program called Green Lab financed by Miljøstyrelsen. Green Lab is thought to be a platform for field education where practical workshops are a part of the teaching process.


The main vision of the project is for the students who participate in the workshops to form knowledge about sustainable development and how this affects our future local and global situation. During two days each 4th and 5th graders got out of their classrooms and visited Containerbyen. Here they learned about our rainwater system, compost and toilet, and worked in our urban garden producing plant boxes and planted crops. The plant boxes were then traded for the local citizens statements about the environment and sustainable production methods. The statements were gathered and later on exhibited at the student’s school.


The goal was for the students to achieve a creative, bodily rooted experience and understanding of how our future society can create mechanisms for the city to work on sustainable terms.



September 2016
La Familia Detours