With a new, flexible outdoor movement laboratory in the thicket between school, sports fields and residential area has Skanderup-Hjarup Federal School created space for active outdoor teaching and movement.
Between the villages Skanderup and Hjarup, near Kolding, located Skanderup-Hjarup Federal School. The school had difficulty turning the school and the local area ‘tweens’, ie students aged 10-13 years. Another challenge was to integrate the outdoor areas of the daily lessons.
With a new ‘super Furniture’ is a nearby thicket now transformed into outdoor education and motion laboratory for students.
The new and attractive activity contains an inherent variability and flexibility that can be expanded and transformed through the daily use and teaching practice.
A versatile super Furniture
Through participatory design processes have students and teachers actively contributed to the development of the laboratory, which is based on the wishes and requirements and motivates more play and exercise.
The finished project comprises a simple and roughly 165 square meters large ‘super Furniture’ with platforms, covering for stairs and shed with basic utensils for both play, exercise and education.
Specifically created a new room in the gap between thickets, residential areas and sports fields, which also acts as a link and a natural focal point for the area. The upgraded outdoor areas can also be used as classrooms for example Danish, mathematics, physical education and woodwork of the school’s teachers.

August 2015  -  May 2024
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