MANMADE Furniture

The travelling exhibition MANMADE ENVIRONMENT presents new Scandinavian landscape architecture.
In times of increased focus on environment and our surroundings, the exhibition shows how landscape architecture contributes towards a more sustainable development. MANMADE ENVIRONMENT displays a selection of recently developed Scandinavian landscape architecture projects through a wide range of projects in an educational and professional framework. A common denominator of all these projects is that they seek to solve the challenges of the future through innovative approaches – in a Scandinavian and international perspective.


Bureau Detours was commissioned by the curators of the exhibition to design, create and build various types of furniture especially for the exhibition. The requirement was that they were dynamic enough to be used for a wide range of various public activities such as teaching, places for the public to rest and study the exhibition or seating during talks and lectures. To match the theme of the exhibition, emphasis was on sustainability and every piece of furniture is therefore hand made in wood. The furniture travels with the exhibition to all the Nordic venues.
In addition Bureau Detours designed and built a childrens activity area and benches for a cinema for the Oslo venue – The Norwegian Design and Architecture Centre.


MANMADE ENVIRONMENT is a collaborative project between the Danish Architecture Centre and Norsk Form (The Norwegian Foundation for Design and Architecture in Norway), with contributions from the other Scandinavian countries: Sweden, Finland and Iceland.
The exhibition opened in Oslo on September 23rd 2010 as the main exhibition under the Oslo Architecture Triennale, continued on to Danish Architecture Centre in Copenhagen and is currently the main exhibition at The Swedish Museum of Architecture in Stockholm. The Museum of Finnish Architecture will follow in October 2011.

September 2010  -  October 2011
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