Street Plaza

An urban space experiment in scale 1:1


With a temporary park in the summer of 2013, we investigated the needs of young people in Silkeborg and tested the ideas of a Street Plaza in reality. A Street Plaza is not just a skate park, but a hybrid between skate parks and ordinary parks. They origin from North America and can be used for several activities of the citizens.   To create lively public spaces in the provinces, future parks need facilitating characteristics. This could mean a more pragmatic design approach to the park, with room for many different activities and hangoutspots, good electric power distribution and space suitable for a public stage.


An essential part of the project focused on upgrading Silkeborg municipalities equipment for projects in the public space. Bureau Detours designed a structure inspired by exoskeletons to house three containers: one for the workshop and one for storage at ground level as well as containers for office and meeting in the first floor level. The exoskeleton can be dismantled and assembled easily for future use.


The approach to this study focused on engaging Silkeborg´s youth and their local networks by building and developing the project together. It creates co-ownership and helps the local youth to feel more like part of the project with a sense of “this was done partly by us, something that we helped to create.”


This urban space experiment was delivered as minibook capturing the experience, methods and tips for a future modern urban park in Silkeborg. If you are interested in a digital pdf of the book, please contact us.

July 2013  -  May 2024
Bureau Detours la Familia

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