Treasured Trash

Together with the community around the institution of Darb in Cairo, Detours will conduct at workshop creating urban furniture from left over materials from the city, wood, scrap and plastic etc. The result of the workshop will be furniture to be used in public space in the area around DARB1718. The idea is to give the community around Darb the possibility to be a part of reshaping the streets by showing easy, sustainable and interesting ways to create urban furniture that is playful and interesting to use for all ages.

One working method of Detours is to work with open source recipes and to do urban actions in public space. The aim of this method and the urban actions is to engage and highlight how citizens can take part in leaving a mark on their city in a creative and simple way. Hence the collaboration of Detours and Darb share a focus on certain performative aspects of contemporary art today and how to bring these alive together with the community surrounding Darb who might not deal with art as such in their daily life.

As Detours is an organization working within communities, between institutions and in public space, the developing part within the project has a main focus on securing the expertise and knowledge. We aim to create a vibrant artistic expression as well as a bottom up project that belongs to the people of Fustat.The workshop will be conducted from May 25th and 4 days ahead. The workshop is open to the public and is facilitated by Maarten Slot and Joost Dingemans. Both are skilled in design and urban intervention and have worked with installations and design.

May 2014

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