ØYE 360

Bureau Detours is creating a tailor-made project: “ØYE 360” (EYE 360), which focuses on the islands old lighthouse as it looks out onto the landscape, through a 360 degree projection within its heart.
This gives the lighthouse on the island, which has stood in all kinds of weather, year after year, a voice. The installation allows the lighthouse to show us its view and experiences.
See the projection here


The lighthouse’s view is reinforced by zooming in on four carefully selected locations on the island that can be seen from the lighthouse. These four sites will have their own custom-built project, based on the site’s natural shape and potential function. A variety of spaces will thus be created for social interaction, or solitude, around the island. By zooming in on specific places, a new experience of the landscape will open up. We call them “chiller spots”.


Number 1 is a platform with a view. It lies to the east of the lighthouse. Being the highest spot it’s a hard climb, but really worth the effort.


Number 2 lies to the north and just a short walk from the ferry berth. It is a great spot for fishing crabs and hanging out by – and in, the sea.


Number 3, to the west, is a bit remote and hard to reach but great for picnics, fishing, seal watching and moonlight kissing.


Number 4 is the shepherds spot. Just south of the old lighthouse you can both climb like a goat and watch over your herd.


The spots are each accompanied by their own individual QR-code, each of them easy to scan with a smart phone for a unique sound experience from the creation and making of the spot.
In addition, the community and island of Utsira will receive their very own “tall-bike”, free for all to use after we leave.


Latest news: The island and municipality of Utsira wants to keep the chiller spots as permanent installations on the island!


June  -  September 2012
Kjersti G. Vangberg