Bruuns Bazaar Pop-up Kiosk

Living cities are a matter of open shops and charming squares. But shoppingstreets in danish cities resembles eventually all one another. This is why Bureau Detours take interest in providing different experiences in stores and shops, which create more local and unique stories in the city.


Bureaus Detours have designed and built a mobile pop-up kiosk in a small 10-foot shipping container for the Danish fashion brand Bruuns Bazaar, inspired by an old luxury travel trunk.
Within 15 m3 an ultra-compact shop interior has been fitted to meet all the customer’s needs. When the customer enters the pop-up kiosk from the windswept Bispetorv, they are greeted by warm and luscious materials like wood, bras and wool.

October  -  November 2011
Morten Pedersen