Institut for (X)

The Institute of (X) is a culture and business platform for young designers, musicians, artists, entrepreneurs and craftsmen working side by side. 
Located in a former customs building, the “Institute of (X)” is a part of Godsbanen, a former railway traffic area now officially dedicated by the municipality of Aarhus to become a future culture hub in the very heart of the city.


Institute of (X) startet as a Bureau Detours project, and is now run by a number of cultural organizations and small businesses, where Bureau Detours now is one of them. The various buildings in the area include various workshop- and office facilities which may be used for projects of all sizes.


A number of non-commercial cultural events (organized by ourselves, the municipality of Aarhus, various international and Danish artists and other art and cultural initiatives) have taken place here. Everything from art exhibitions, concerts, children- and family events, municipal meetings, “open house”, cultural salons, festivals and more.



October 2009  -  May 2024
Kaare Viemose
Arnar Omarsson
Johan Buus