de ville gerne have mere natur – færre legeredskaber, katalog ish

vi laver ikke redskaber men legelandskaber

kostede det samme som én stor borg

A total make over of a playground. Concepts based upon the landscape as the playground (desert, plains, hills, marsh, lakes, forrest, jungle), so sand, hills, puddles, pathways, bushes and trees becomes the main objects of play. Taking in the 4 elements as columns.

The playground is divided in to 3 zones. A : Small-scale and safe. B : Bigger and a bit more wild play. C : Wilderness whit jungle wibe and the possibility of getting lost.

In total to create different environments for the kids to invent own plays and games.

shelters, trælego, stier, mudder, vandpytter, trapper, kanter, bornholmer-mur

February 2014  -  May 2024
la famila