The playground is a sanctuary; here you can show up anytime. In Bereau Detours, we think that this place should bridge the gap between primary and upper secondary school, and be a place where everyone can relax, play and be together. We do not only want to rebuild the place so it looks new and modern, but by rethinking the principles that govern it. Thereby creating a space for unstructured togetherness, that still manages to be structured and gives room for everyone.


We take outset in user participation; in both the activities at Skansen, the everyday routines, how the place is run, and how the children take part in – and mature together with the building structure. From cooking and growing vegetables and herbs in the greenhouse on the roof, to preparing and serving it for other users of the house, the children learn how to do practical work. By doing practical work together with Bureau Detours during the construction and workshop, you can learn to customize your bike or repair a flat tire. These are just some of the many activities at Skansen. There is the editorial youth group, where ideas are cultivated to stories, then to be communicated to the surrounding community.


Skansen is a space that is different from school, where the bell does not toll, where you can test and combine your different abilities or use the space as a sanctuary for play and relaxation.
The project will never finish but will be under constant development. The official opening is set for September/October 2011.

October 2010  -  April 2012
Bureau Detours la Familia

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