The chicken mansion

During Smukfest Festival a crew from Skansen built a mansion for chickens. It was an experiment to see how domestic animals would coexist with the non-domesticated festival guests – an interesting clash between early risers and late awakeners. In the end it was to show where soup comes from.
Behind the scene it was a project with five young guys aged 14-17, who built the whole thing under loose supervision of Bureau Detours. Sleeping and living with the build, it took seven days of hard work to complete. A great accomplishment for such young talents… we’ll be seeing more of them in the future…


The project continued during the festival with the “Pimp Your Camp” workshop, where festival guests designed and built together with the crew, to produce furniture for their camps. A discipline that otherwise has been banished from festivals in Denmark since the late nineties. It’s was joyous revival!

August 2011